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Thursday, December 02, 2004


*yawn* Well, I'm up doing some work for a change, managed to get more focused tonight... and as I write this it just hit midnight which means that it's the anniversary of the birth of my darling dearest... Happy Birthday Babe! Hope you have a good day today... love you heaps...

Max (our little pup) was happily sleeping on the foot of our bed before, as my wife dozed off to sleep, but have now had a new lease on life after a little power nap... now he's holding a tennis ball up to my knees then dropping it then again... then repeating... reminds me of a website I came across earlier today (or was that yesterday? gosh I hate talking about days during the midnight crossover thingo... well you know what I mean...) It's called the GoDogGo Automatic Fetch System, and it's like one of those tennis ball shooting machines for practising tennis, but instead it's got a bucket for the balls, and lobs a tennis ball at a given rate for your dog to play fetch with. Has even a remote control for changing the distance... I mean it's worth getting just so that you don't have to ever touch another tennis ball drenched in doggy drool eh? w00t! I mentioned it to a few dog owners down at the park this evening (yesterday... whatever... you know what I mean), and they say that they'll pay good money for a go... so perhaps I should get one and charge a fee for usage down at the local park for lazy dog owners... what do you reckon? Now if only I can train Max to return the fetched balls back in the bucket, then he could have hours of endless fun and exercise... now if only I can find something like that for ME to keep me amused and exercised for hours.

Must... get... sleep... I know I'm tired cos I just babbled on for ages about some gimmicky tennis ball launching machine so... zzzzz...


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