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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mobile Blogging Fail!

In an attempt to resurrect my blogging endeavours, I thought I'd try out LifeCast, a free mobile blogging app for the iPhone. I set it up, entered in my blog credentials, all looks good. Then attempted to post the following...

Blogging Again... Now with Tools

Thought I'd start blogging again, and now evaluating LifeCast, a free app for the iPhone, to help kick start this attempt at restarting my blog.

Will post experiences more as I use the app more... And no, using mobile safari and the Blogger webpage is not a decent solution... :P

Now the keyword here is 'attempted'... LifeCast seems to find my blog okay during setup, but seems to lose the settings, and when I enter a post, there is no button to post the blog, almost as if it's in a demo mode. I trawled the intrawebs and seems to be an issue with the app and new iPhone 3.0 firmware...

So posting my first experiences with LifeCast... #FAIL! :)

Hopefully it will be fixed soon, and will try other free apps for blogging on Blogger... incidentally, WordPress does have a native free app for blogging on WordPress blogs, but not keen to migrate all my posts to WordPress so will try and actually blog more first... then work out the feasibility and usability issues when my post output improves... perhaps when a re-design is in order, I may just bite the bullet and shift over to WordPress...

But then again my life revolves around Google at the moment, with email, contacts, calendars etc. and everything syncs up via the cloud services that is Google... but that I'll save for another post on what I have setup with regards to this... :)


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