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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Proud Fathers...

Proud Daddies!
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We went to visit Nick, Diana and little Ryan today, well it's my second visit as I popped over quickly after work yesterday, but it was Ming and Hannah's first visit and Hannah took to Ryan a little... :)

Well I suppose she likes other babies, and Nick and I have often joked about how weird it would be if our firstborns got together, even before Ryan was born. Wifey joked about how we would be expecting 12 cows as a suitable dowry for Hannah, and for Nick and Diana to start saving up cows... :D

Having a look at the picture of Nick and I with our firstborns, I am struck with a feeling of surrealness (is that an actual word?) as it's weird seeing both of us as dads, however it fills me with pride seeing how far we have come since high school... I mean who would have thought eh?

I mean, we were part of a bunch of nerds/geeks who met on the first day of school outside the co-ordinator of the Academic Extension Programme at Swanbourne Senior High School back in 1989. Our conversations revolved around computer games and the like, and over the years, progressed onto basketball, women, the meaning of life, religion, cars, marriage and more recently kids...

Awesome experiences dude... welcome to the new club, full of thrills, spills... sleepless nights, pooey diapers, walking around like zombies... but most of all the absolute joys of fatherhood!

Tis another season of our lives, and hope to share many more watching our kids growing up... :)


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