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Sunday, May 07, 2006


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Nope, not the programming language, coffee, nor the island in Indonesia... Java is my parents' new puppy and she's a cutie!

She's a Border Collie/Cattle Dog cross, and we met her when we were over yesterday and viewing the portraits that we took a couple of weeks ago. Hannah loved her and kept saying 'Wo wo' which is the chinese way of imitating a dog barking. Whenever Hannah wants to refer to Max or hears a dog barking she says 'Wo wo', very cute! :)

Anyways, gotta bring Max over one day to meet Java as I reckon he'll love her to bits and play nicely together... and I'm sure they would make cute little puppies together if it wasn't for the minor technicality of both of them being sterilised... *grin*


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