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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tree... Be Gone!!!

Gum Tree in backyard...
Originally uploaded by swang.

Notice anything different? :)
Originally uploaded by swang.
Yep, after about three and a half years of plagueing our backyard with twigs, leaves and gumnuts, the large gum tree in the backyard is gone!!! Yay!

Blissful skyline...
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After a few months of writing to the neighbours, getting quotes, getting approval from the neighbours, waiting for the tree guy to come... etc. it's finally gone! The fence is going to be repaired on the weekend, then I can finally clear out the gutters, and do a nice clean up of the backyard/courtyard so that we can spend a bit more time outdoors!

Yay! More work... :) but it'll be enjoyable once it's done, and we can reclaim a bit of unused space in our backyard... Hmmm... maybe I can come up with some sob story and get Backyard Blitz to come around and make me a new backyard, and throw in a nice plasma screen somehow... (as they always do in the show... heh)


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