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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Life's little suprises

Nice shadow effects!
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Was driving on the way from work to pick up Hannah, and was driving up Marine Parade towards Cottesloe when this most interesting sight made me slow down and do a double take. I kept driving until I realised I had my camera with me so I pulled over, did a U-turn and went back to snap a few pics!

I'm sure glad I decided to take the coastal way instead of the boring way I sometimes take! :) There is a little sign with "Alcoa Foundation - Invited Artist" on one end of the line of cubes... so it's art hey?

I'm not usually a huge appreciater of art, all I know is if I look at something whether I like it or not... I don't think much about what the artist had in mind etc. etc. but this I like... maybe because it's a kind of industrial art... like it took some great big machine to crush all those cans, and a host of other machines to get it there by the beach... and maybe it's because the cubes are equidistant from each other and all lined up, which make my logical analytical nature go "Ooooh... it's all so symmetric, geometric..."

Hmmm... just realised anyone who reads this will make me out to be some kind of geeky math nerd or something... :P

Anyways, my point being that even though my life is full of routine at the moment, life does present little suprises every now and then. We just have to look out for them, and take some time out to appreciate them when they do happen...

That's all folks...


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