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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Double Take...

Pseudo-Arty MX5 Badge shot
Originally uploaded by swang.
I was leaving my building on the way home from work when I saw an MX5 pull up at the lights... Number plate was close to my old car... walked along minding my own business when I realised it *WAS* my old car... The original number plates never really stayed on the car that long such that my memory of the number plate was a mishmash of it and the number off my first car...

Anyways, I sprinted back towards the lights to check it out, crossed the street walking behind it checking out the condition of the car. Not as shiney as when I sold it to the new owner, but he had the top down wearing a cap, and a silly grin on his face so I reckon he's enjoying the car... good... :)

Now this got me thinking, I know that I've moved on by the fact that I didn't even recognise my old car, and it didn't have that appeal and wow factor when I saw it again... and I'm heaps more comfortable driving around in the new Accord, and having the joy of little Hannah sitting in the back with me might have a little something to do with it too! Heh...


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