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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

Symbol of God's Promises
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It's 2006 and I've been a bit silent for a while as I have been weary from life recently.

However the last day of our holidays, when the wifey and I were feeling rather sorry for ourselves that we had to go back to work after 10 wonderful days at home with Hannah, we were walking back from a quick dinner at Farrell's Cafe round the corner and the dusk sky had the most amazing surreal and awesome colour to it.

We turned around behind us and we were greeted with the most amazing sight of a huge rainbow, and a double rainbow even... :) It was a sign! Of God's wonderful promises to us, which reminded and encouraged us and most definitely lifted our spirits ready to face the coming year head on with all its challenges!

This year promises to be overwhelming and full on with the wifey studying and taking her exams this year, and also for myself as I need to make some important decisions about my career and where I want to head with it.

It is also a very exciting time for some very close friends of ours as quite a number of them are expecting bubs which all happen to be due in May. This includes my best friend Nick who has been a dear brother in Christ and a wonderful encouragement to myself, and it is awesome that he is also about to be a father.

So here is to 2006, hope that it brings all of God's richest blessings to everyone, and even though it might seem to be a challenge this year, I know that it will be an awesome year as I can face it with God on my side!

Best thing too about this year is that it is another 365 mornings that I get to wake up to seeing a bright smiling Hannah, and 365 evenings that I get to tuck my precious little daughter into bed after our nightly prayer. :)


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