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Friday, October 21, 2005

Cheap Cheap Diapers!

Okay... so it takes slightly different things to get me excited nowadays, but my dad told me about Toys'R'Us having a sale on diapers and also a cool baby bouncer seat for half price so I popped out mid morning to the store in the city to check it out. Boy am I glad that I did!

Diapers were about just over $8 for a pack of 30 which the cheapest I've seen in the Crawler size (which Hannah is now onto) is $35 for a box of 90, so that's like a saving of about $10 which is pretty good. Also the baby bouncer seat was cool, and even though Hannah might grow out of it in the next couple of months, it was like just $30, and had cool musical and light-up toys with it, made it worthwhile in my books. And anyways, I'm sure it'll be useful for the next kid (which is planned for quite a while away yet) or to hand off to people we know who have kids younger than Hannah.

Ended up getting 4 packs of the diapers and the seat, which meant I had to carry them back to the office in 2 very large and conspicuous white plastic bags with Toys'R'Us logos on it, and boy were they heavy as well! Can't wait until Hannah is toilet trained as I hear that when your kid is toilet trained, it's like getting a pay rise! Although I think it's just another excuse to spoil her with more things... :)


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