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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Max is a CAT!

Watching the world go by
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Yeah, well we've been commenting how cat-like Max is, cos he tend to use his paws to grab things and swipe things like a cat, and yesterday he proved to be more cat like than ever before by using up about 5 of his 9 cat lives...

I went out to the local Gloria Jeans coffee place to get more coffee beans as I was out, so I decided to take Max out for a walk there to get my beans. When I got there I was in the process of tying his leash to a pole when I accidentally released the catch to his collar and he sprinted off! I panicked and tried to call him and he just darted to and fro between car on the busy street and I was sooo stressed and thank God that most cars were travelling slowly and stopped for him. The worst thing is that everytime I took a shot at grabbing him that caused him to run back across the street!

I finally got him when he spotted a little girl and went up to her for a pat and sat down in front of her when I grabbed him and hugged him tight making sure he couldn't get away... I was so traumatised that I just put his collar back on and walked him and didn't get my coffee... I kept replaying the incident back in my head on the way him and realised when I got home that I was quite stressed still and had a big frown on my face and took be a further hour before I calmed down a bit...

It made me realise how much the little brown mutt meant to me and I was so annoyed with myself for being so careless, and no doubt I would not let that happen again... EVER! I fact I felt so happy that he was unhurt that he got to sleep upstairs in our bedroom last night, but in his bed on the floor, and he was so good that he stayed in his bed all night and didn't try and come up to our bed to sleep...

Bless the little mutt... :)


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