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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Just finished feeding Hannah and put her back to bed... Not unlike most other nights for the last 10 weeks or so. Been rather tired lately, even though I don't think I've been letting my brain know about it, as I feel fine, but people have told me that I look tired so I'd better work on trying harder to convince my body that I'm not tired... :)

Even though I might be tired, it's been an absolute joy since Hannah came into the lives of my wife and I. I enjoy coming home from work to see the girls and look forward to the weekends. I was tired before I fed Hannah, but have been given a boost seeing how good she was feeding, she drank most of her milk, and went back to sleep. When I tucked her in, she was sleeping peacefully, then cracked this most gorgeous smile from ear to ear, which made my heart melt and the tiredness evaporated... *gush* :) I said a quick prayer with her and she smiled at the most appropriate times during the prayer. Sometimes I think that she understands more than what we give her credit for...

I'm sooooo looking forward to planning stuff to do with her as she grows, doodling with crayons, making up and singing silly songs, dancing around like fools with the radio blaring away, going to the park running around with Max, heading out to cafes drinking coffee with wifey, watching the world go by while Hannah enjoys her babycino... long car rides for holidays down south, plane rides to destinations afar... nice walks on the foreshore on beautiful Perth days, swimming lessons at the local pool, camping trips roughing it out in 5-star luxury as ordained by wifey... :) and oh all the cool geeky nerdy stuff that her dad so enjoys... ;)


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