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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Out and about...

It's 1am and all's well...

Hannah is asleep after her midnight feed, and wifey and Max are sleeping. Almost time to wake Max for him to return to his own room for sleep... :)

Busy and eventful day today (yesterday I mean, seeing it's after midnight...), packed the girls in the car to make Ming's hair appointment, and I took the opportunity to walk Hannah in the pram around the artificial lake in East Perth, whilst Ming got her hair cut. Afterwards we popped over to my sister's apartment cos wifey hasn't seen it since the painting and new carpets, and furniture and other stuff, and it was Hannah's first visit! She had her noontime feeding there and we drove through HJ's to pick up some lunch. A big day of firsts for Hannah. Yay!

After coming home and bathing Hannah, I sent the girls to sleep whilst I did a spot of shopping. Got a few essentials and a cleaning cloth to clean the interior of the new car. Finally managed to wash the car for the first time since we got it, and it was pretty late in the day so it was dark by the time I finished. Mental note, wash car earlier in the day, cos it's difficult and cold trying to dry it in the dark. We shall see in the morning how good a job I did. :)

Also I've decided that I will not get the Mugen NR wheels that I lust after as just cleaning the stock wheels with the 5 spoke design was a real pain and the Mugen NR wheels are a 10 spoke design which will be double the pain trying to keep them looking nice... :)

Tomorrow we're returning to Subi church since the arrival of Hannah which will be great, and off to my parents place in the mid afternoon with Hannah for some time with my parents and dinner with them too! Hope things wind down at work this week so that I can take the rest of the time off before I start the new job.


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