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Monday, July 11, 2005

Full Moon Celebrations

Proud Dad!
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It was Hannah's Full Moon celebrations tonight, or more like last night seeing it's now past midnight, but the little one is fast asleep and so is mum, and the brown furball behind me.

It was 3 days shy of the full 30 days which is a lunar month which is why the celebrations is called the Full Moon celebrations... yeah the asian culture is whacky and cool all at the same time. :) This means that the little one and mum is now allowed outside the house officially and all privileges revoked after the birth is now to be reinstated... :) Now all this sneaking around can stop... :P

Everyone at the dinner seems to have fun, and I had a quick speech and said grace before the meal but I forgot to thank people specifically, so I'm using this forum to get my thanks across. To the mums, all 3 of them, my mum, mum-in-law and my wifey... thanks to both our mums for tirelessly cooking for Ming and I throughout this confinement period and delivering it to us. We are well nourished throughout this period thus far, and more than likely overnourished... :)

And to my lovely wifey who carried Hannah to term, enduring the discomfort, sleepless nights and general not-so-nice things that go along with pregnancy, as well as continuing to nurture and nourish Hannah through feeding, changing, reading to her and playing with her.

To the dads, they are the unsung, unmentioned heros who like me try and help out the mums, but try not to get in the way... heheh... :) Thanks dads!

And all the support and concern of all our other family and friends here and overseas who make us feel as though they are carrying us through this tiring and trying times when things get a bit much for both of us.

That is all I can think about in my tired state...


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