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Friday, June 24, 2005

New Pram! Take 2!

Three wheeled monster!
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Finally went back to BabyLand in Osbourne Park to return the first pram and choose a new one. The original pram we got was a Steelcraft Swivelrite Deluxe, and it was too large for the boot of the Accord, so the nice lady at BabyLand who I spoke to last week on the phone about my dilemma helped me choose another one. Her name is Wendy and she was really helpful so if anyone wants baby stuff go see her.

Anyways I ended up deciding on the Valco Runabout Deluxe, and it's schweet! I got the Deluxe model cos it was cooler, not to mention it's got cool alloy wheels as seen in the picture... Heheh... although I can't confirm or deny that was the clincher... *grin* Most importantly it's a lot easier to fold than the Swivelrite, and lighter so it'll be easier on the wifey.

Also ended up getting a Baby Bjorn baby carrier (Thanks to my sister Agnes, bro-in-law Basil and nephew Marc for the pressie!), it'll make it easier to go shopping with Hannah, rather than pushing the 3 wheeled beast through the aisles. Although I'm a bit conflicted cos the parking spots at the shops for parents with prams are very wide and I would park there, but if I'm not using the pram, can I still park there? I mean it's labelled "Parents with prams", and technically I am now a parent and I own a pram, so I suppose I can get away with it... ;)


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