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Monday, June 20, 2005

Absence of Loss...

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Well, we survived our first night home with the girls, little Hannah appears to be hungrier at night so we're going to adjust accordingly to keep her fuller, which means hopefully she'll sleep better tonight.

Busy morning started with me rushing off to my dental appointment to get my crown done on my infamous weak tooth, which I had several things done to in the past, namely fillings, root canal, and now a crown cos I managed to crack it due to my teeth grinding. When I finally get this tooth extracted, I'm going to keep it, plate it with gold and mount it on a board with a running total on how much I spent on it over the years. Now kids, if you're reading this, take care of your teeth, so you'll have money left over to buy toys instead of spending it on dental work. *heh*

Guy who bought the car called early this morning to say he can't make it tomorrow to pick it up, so this morning it'll have to be... *sigh* don't think I'm going to have a chance to take pictures of Hannah in the car, but it's okay, I mean heck! It's only a car... guy came round before lunch and gave me a cheque, I handed over the keys, and went back to check on the girls. Funny, I didn't even feel a slight sense of loss, I must be all grown up and all, or maybe it's the lack of sleep... :)

Managed to have some lunch, and went for a nap, ended up being a power nap which was great, then did some errands and shopping. Then back to see the girls then off to walk Max. Checked email and had news which meant a metaphoric door had closed for me, but like the car, there was no sense of loss, but of anticipation for what God has in store for me. I have no doubt that bigger doors will open for me, and it's God's way of telling me this was not for me, even though in a mortal sense I felt like it was. Like I said before, trust and surrender, and our cup will overflow!

Also I managed to fit the new car in the garage, by fit I meant just fitting, kinda like being at a buffet and you're just comfortable without unbuttoning your pants(and all you reading don't sit there like you don't know what I'm on about...) I had to move the car in, then slowly edge out the side as there is not much room, then check the front and back for clearence, then get back into the car carefully and edge it forward a touch, then repeat process 5-6 times... 10 minutes later... It fits! Tomorrow morning's job is to clear up all the junk from the garage so I don't waste a good proportion of my life trying to park the car in the garage without scratching it! :)


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