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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Busy Day

Got your nose!
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It's been a busy day today, starting off early and made a suprise early visit to the girls. Mum was glad, and bub was indifferent... heh, sleepy due to being filled with formula cos she was still hungry after brekkie... :)

Early visit was prompted by wanting the wifey to sign the relevant docs to get the car delivery on the way, finance applications etc. Had to get her to sign, midwife to witness... yada, yada, yada... then off I went to Charlies Hospital to get her employer to sign.

Wandered around aimlessly for a little while, found HR dept... lady I needed to sign was in late... bugger... oh well... went for a drive around nedlands, then decided to head towards Claremont, and passed a BabyLand store. I hit the brakes parked and then went shopping! Looked at a diaper disposal unit, found out how they worked by the saleslady, who incidentally remembered me from the opening sale in Ossie Park, and said I was trying to "screw her over for a bargain", in the nicest possible way though... hey, if you don't ask, you have a 100% chance of not getting a bargain... :)

Anyways left with a cute bath toy which doubles as a temperature gauge to see if the bath water is too hot, a set of baby nail clippers, and other misc stuff not worth mentioning. I was worried I would buy more, as there is no better customer than a gushing new dad that loves his little girl to bits...

Went back and the lady was there and she's signed it, yay! Off to the city to drop off the docs, w00t! I might actually pick up the car tomorrow if things go well. Went back to meet the girls for a lunch date (well, more like I get free meals at the hospital, or more like eating wifey's meals cos she has 'special' food catered...), then remembered I forgot to drop the cheque off to the finance place before... bugger!

Oh well, had a date to keep, so I had lunch with the girls, even gave Hannah a bath and used the new bath toy/temp gauge, then left to drop off the cheque. Rest of the arvo was spent going to bunnings to get hardware to hang up the new dryer up in the laundry. Dad came over to help, thanks dad! and we had a nice coffee and dessert and caught up for a bit.

Then back to the hospital for fun with the girls as demonstrated by the pic. Still here finishing off this post and then off home for sleep. Busy day tomorrow with the RAC inspection for the MX5, letting the cleaner in, and potentially picking up the new car! Yay!


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