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Monday, June 13, 2005

Absolute Joy

Bath Time!
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It's been a long and exciting day, and it hasn't quite sunk in yet being parents and all. Hannah has been a contented little bub and slept for most of the late afternoon as I went home to sort out little Max(the firstborn, dog I meant...)

We got more visitors in the form of my parents and sister, and Jen and Rick.

Then after they left, I got a very special time to bathe little Hannah for her first bath, and it was an absolute joy to do. The midwife taught me how to bathe her, and how to carry her fragile little body whilst I bathed her, and little Hannah seems to enjoy the bath.

Funky Hairstyle
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The precious little thing was so adorable after her bath, and her hair was more noticible. She has very fine hair and it is slightly blonde, weird I know, but Ming had strawberry blonde hair when she was little too! What a little princess! And I can tell that without any of her doing she has me wrapped around her little finger already. What hope do I have down the track when she abuses that power with intent? :P

Absolutely tired as well, as it's been a long day starting at 2am, hopefully a good night's sleep will ensure I can enjoy the experience as a new dad tomorrow, and will be able to help the wifey out as she's bound to be exhausted.


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