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Sunday, December 12, 2004

13 more sleeps!

Yup, it's slowly creeping up again...

Decided that it's time to put up the Christmas tree again, probably a bit later this year than previous years... but this year it's sitting in the front room now that we've got Max, the 'Pup of Mischief'. It's got doors so that we can close them and deny access to Max. Sometimes I which it was simpler like just checking some checkboxes to deny user Max access to front room, socks, food on the dinner table, but alas we haven't got that bit of technology yet. Note to time travelling blog readers, if you have this technology, please share with me. I'm willing to barter with some probably useless bit of random insight that I have for the future species of humankind that will never reach the future as I have a habit of hiding these insights in my head. :P

Also, I bought some fairy lights last year at the post Christmas sales, and it's the same kind as the ones I have the Christmas tree, but have 200 lights instead of 100. I happily put them up on the balcony at the front of the house, and even braved a climb up to the top of the garage roof to see hanging options (decided against putting them up there), and checked out the aircon installer's handiwork up there... glad it was them up there installing it and not me, seeing it was difficult enough getting up there, but trying to carry a heavy compressor up there as well? Sheer madness I tell you... Hats off to Al and Chris (the installers) and Kemal the electrician for risking life and limb to bring Ming and I aircon joy! (Incidentally, they did come closer to being with the Lord than they think, when drilling out a large hole for the aircon piping, Chris missed the main electricity wiring which leads directly from the power line in the walls by mere centimeters!!! Praise God for this not actually happening as he would have not survived had he hit that wire...)

Instead the lights are framing the balcony, and have been set on a timer to come on at 7pm and turnoff at 11:30pm, so if anyone is in the area drive past for a look, well... I think it's cool... well more like tacky, but more festive tacky... :) Mmmmmm... blinky lights... me likey...

Also decided to update my resume tonight, gosh it's difficult to remember things I've done since the last update... wish I could just put down "Went to work, did some stuff, got paid" for most things, but that doesn't seem to get you many jobs so I guess I'll have to waffle on about how great all that stuff I did was... so how do you put down surfing the web for cool stuff in your resume and making it sound like like a positive attribute to the prospective employer? Hang on, I think I've got it... "Conducted an analysis of options for the selection of viable technology acquisitions, concentrating the selection on the lowest entropy metrics available within the financial contraints." That sound heaps better than "Surfing web for gadgets, getting maximum cool factor for the least amount of money..." :) Yes, I had a stint as a business consultant but have always been a geek at heart...


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