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Saturday, December 04, 2004

*heavy mechanised breathing*

No... it's not some weird psycho prank call...

Just watched the preview for Star Wars Episode III on the special features disc on the Star Wars Trilogy boxed set which arrived today... w00t! Thanks to my bestest of friends Nick and Paul (and also their significant others for approving their expenditure... :P) who got it for my birthday... and it was hand delivered as well... nice touch Nick *grin*

Nothing quite like some heavy mechanised breathing and the voice of James Earl Jones to bring back memories of my youth, playing with my Star Wars figurines in the play area (which was on the converted balcony) of my family home in Singapore. I remember my Luke Skywalker figurine which was in the X-wing fighter pilot outfit, which now seems suprisingly similar to the orange suit that crims in the US wear and also a white helmet... and that cool lifesized Stormtrooper rifle that I had... (which I'm sure someone went without in his youth as he wasn't allowed to play with guns... you know who you are...)

Another flashback of this memory was the constant voice of Karen Carpenter singing in the background which my eldest sis kept playing over and over again... I blame her for my good knowledge of the lyrics of any Carpenters song, and no I'm not a fan, just was a tortured little brother, made to listen to the Carpenters in his innocent youth. :P "Why do birds suddenly appear? Every time... you are near..." Aaarrrggghhh!!!


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