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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Geeky funny...

There was an amusing episode of the Simpsons on tonight... it's an old one where Homer buys an expensive computer and then sets up his own web page... Mr X he calls himself, and he is like a pseudo journalist for gossip, and the grapevine for interesting news around Springfield... it was full of nerdy computer geekiness, and loads of amusing one liners where I kept cracking up whereas my family sits around the dinner table wondering what was so funny... pity they don't share my joy... :) One of the lines I found most amusing was from the comic shop guy, where he goes "Oooh! There is no emoticon for what I am feeling!" *heheh*

Anyways, been quite focused with work lately, as I'm getting heaps done, although as usual the delays are due to the customer not really knowing what their business rules are, rather than technical hurdles... oh well... at least the work is interesting... a nice change from being in the office for the last year or so doing product development... I mean it was definitely interesting at first, but change is good...

Just realised it's almost Christmas, so the Christmas tree will have to go up this weekend, and maybe the large 200 light fairy light kit that I bought last year will go up around the exterior of the house... w00t! blinky lights with 7 random lighting patterns... where has all the time gone? Another year is coming to a close, and this year seems to have screamed past... might have to spend some time over the next couple of weeks reflecting on this year and setting goals for next year...

Incidentally it was like over 35 degrees today, although I spent most of it in the office so I escaped the heat, but I think Max was quite affected by the heat, and so he'll be going in for a groom next week... and I can't wait for the airconditioning to go in this weekend... yay!


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