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Monday, December 06, 2004

Rested... well almost...

For some weird reason I feel quite rested tonight... maybe it was just a productive day... maybe I've fooled my brain into thinking that I caught up with sleep... nah, I'll have to sleep for the next 15 years or so to properly catchup with my lost sleep... so maybe I've just *decided* that I don't have to be sooo tired...

Max was bad tonight... well, we shut him in the laundry so we can have some peace eating dinner, so he thought he'll take advantage of the time he has outside... the neighbours behind our place had their sprinklers leak slowing through the crack in the fence into a pool of mud, and Max decided to play with it... he was muddy up to his elbows (do dogs have elbows? well, where the elbows would be if they had them...) and around his chin and snout... Ming discovered this when she went to open the laundry door to let him out... there was mud everywhere... EVERYWHERE!!! *ggggrrrrr*

I proceeded to gulp down the rest of my dinner, then headed outside to see what was going on... a small stream was developing in the backyard... not good... went outside to the mains tap to check if there was a leak... nope... meter not moving... hmmm... never really paid much attention to the water meter before, but what do you know... I started on a project close to a month ago for the Water Corp doing a nice PDA app for water meter reading... wow... I paid close attention to the meter number for a few secs... oh yeah... muddy Max at home... *grumble*

Cleared up the backyard a bit then took him upstairs for a mini bath... just cleaned up his front paws and around his mouth, then rushed to dry him then headed off to BSF. Got there a bit late, but enjoyed the session tonight as it was a fellowship night, where we stayed back after for a time of sharing with each other. We're on a break for about 8 weeks... return on the 31st of Jan, which incidentally is the date that our catering will resume after it stops for the Christmas season... now I'll have to find another source of easy meals until then... :)


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