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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Cool... well almost...

Aircon finally went in today... well more like still going in as the electrician is still wiring it up as we speak... it's now 4pm and they started at about 8am this morning... talk about a long day... I think I got good value for money seeing I kinda realised how much is involved...

There was also a drama when I noticed a hissing noise from one of the aircon units in Ming's study(yeah, we got more than one... three to be exact...) turns out that it was a faulty unit from the factory and the refridgerant is leaking out from one of the welds slowly... oh well, that's what warranty is for, and good thing we have another 2 units to keep us amused, I mean if we only got one unit, and that died, then I would be upset, as I was looking forward to this moment for a few weeks now...

Still patiently waiting for the electrician to finish so I can have some aircon joy, but it's been such a nice day out today so there is no need to even turn it on, but I'll be donning on some winter gear and cranking it up (or more like cranking the temperature down) tonight... :)


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