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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Calm before the storm...

Just got home from a lovely dinner with our old bible study group. It was at Mike and Em's place and they cooked up a lovely dinner starting with Sweet Potato soup, then home-made fetticine with a neopolitana type sauce with lamb, and finished with apple crumble with extra vanilla ice-cream!(Thanks Mikey!)

It's been ages since we all caught up, and even though we were all there at the baby shower, we didn't get a chance to catchup then. The meal was delicious, and the fellowship was warm and sweet. Nothing quite binds us quite as closely as the bonds of fellowship of being in God's family as siblings in Christ, Amen!

We moved into the lounge for more food(cheese and crackers) and watched a VCD of Russell Peters who is a canadian indian standup comedian and it was hilarious!(This was my 5th time watching it and was still in stiches)

A couple of friends could not join us as they were in Albany, but we managed to put talk to them for half an hour on speaker-phone which was nice.

Now blogging this sitting in bed as I think I'm too full to sleep even though it's been a tiring day. It was a great night out and probably one of our last in this capacity prior to the little bub arriving, however it's been a most enjoyable and memorable one.


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