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Friday, December 17, 2004

Good bye 'Ma Ma'...

Grandma and Me
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Got news today that my grandmother passed away in Singapore today. :( I'm glad that she is now with the Lord and is out of pain, but she will be sorely missed. I did manage to see her earlier this year with Ming when we were on hols which is good... and my dad did manage to spend quite a bit of time with her this year as her health was deteriorating. Mum and Dad were only back there a few weeks ago for my cousin's wedding so at least they spent quality time with her before she left.

She's always been there in my childhood, and I can still remember she always remembers all our birthdays(and with over 20 granchildren and many more great-grandchildren, that is no mean feat!), she is in her nineties, and up to a few years ago her memory was pretty bulletproof... and she always associated me as being a smart kid who used to take apart all his toys to find out how they work... even earlier this year when her health and mind was failing, she would tell Ming and my aunt who she stays with, about me taking apart stuff...

Also my recent memories of her were of her forcing me to eat lots whenever I go visit her, and she would get angry if I didn't eat heaps... :) she did it all out of love, and that would explain why I was such a tubby kid when I was little...

But most of all, as I reflect more recently as her health was failing, about her life, and about what she stood for. I can always remember that she always encouraged me to be faithful Christian, to always stick close to God... and perhaps that is why our extended family has always been quite close, and have been saved through her example and encouragement... so 'Ma Ma' (as I have called her), thank you for your life and your example to all of us, we all will miss you heaps, but know that you are in a much better place, and out of pain as you were in recently. Your faith has saved generations, and many more generations to come, and I pray that you are indeed blessed now that you are with the Lord, and re-united with Grandpa.

And to all my family grieving in Singapore... I guess we can all have joy in this time of sorrow that we will all be reunited with her again in the future... Praise God!