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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Analog Phone Lines + Free Local Calls = Slow Dialup Bliss!

Proud Grandparents
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Hope the hospital tech guys don't hear wind of this... :P

Word of advice to all new dads, if you do not have breasts, do not try and tell new mums how to breastfeed... Period... That's todays lesson. Stay tuned for more pearls of wisdom from me over the next few days... :)

Anyways Mum and Dad came round to drop off some special food for Ming, and were eager to spend some time with the new grand-daughter so we left Ming to have some time to herself and took Hannah for a walk.

We stumbled over to a bathing lesson so we stayed and watched/learned. (Incidentally, I was taught how to bathe her on Monday night, but can't quite remember a few specific things so I went for a refresher.) In fact I was in the other maternity ward instead of ours so I wasn't really meant to be in that class, but the nice midwife let us stay, Mum and Dad also tagged along.

The test model was a little baby called Hannah! Nope, not my precious little one, another one! And guess what? Born on the same day as my little Hannah, staying in the same room number as us, but in the other ward, and mum's name is Eliza which is Ming's english name... freaky huh? I'm going to pop over later to see if dad's name is Sam as well... :P

Anyways, I'm on slow blissful dialup right now, and the girls are resting, and Hannah seems to not be bothered by the following sounds : Windows XP startup sound, screeching of 56K dialup modem, keys typing on the keyboard, and daddy clumsily kicking chairs and tables when moving around... hope this keeps up for the future... :)


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