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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Accessories go in...

Woke up early cos I couldn't sleep anymore due to the excitment of the new car, um I mean baby... :) Drove the car up to my parents place and woke them up to show them the new car and then tried to navigate through McDonald's drive-thru to get some brekkie with the folks... Hmmm... large car in drive thru is scary, this might make my diet alot healthier in fear of scratching the car... :)

When home to install the baby seat in the car, and that was relatively painless, in the MX5 whenever I was doing anything to it, it would require a 'blood sacrifice' as Nick would call it as I would lose some skin and blood in the process, however the new car I managed to keep both skin and blood. We're off to a good start.

Took the pram out and opened the boot, Mmmmm... remote boot release on alarm fob... Nice... folded the pram, stuck it in... Hmmmm... remove pram... re-adjust... retry pram... bugger. Okay, don't panic... let's try again. Rotate pram, re-adjust... retry pram... Doh! Oh well... called up BabyLand and they said it was fine, we can get another one and get credit for the cool pram we got... *sigh* I really liked this pram as well. On the bright side we can take Hannah shopping for her pram next week.



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