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Friday, June 17, 2005


It was over 16 hours since I left the girls last night and I kept feeling like I wanted to just pop in the car and drive up to see them, but I had some stuff to sort out this morning, like let the RAC guy check over the MX5, and let the cleaner in.

RAC check went great, only issue is that one tire needs replacement so I'm sure the guy will try and knock more off the price, but I think my price is a fair price. :) I met the cleaner and she was quite nice, I even helped her organise getting her car into the insurance assessment place cos she wasn't too confident with her english. I won't mention about the accident that transpired last week will I, Uncle Dave? :P

Took advantage of the good weather over lunch to walk Max, and he got wet from the water left on the surface of the grounds. He had a great time, and managed to run around with a Dalmatian for about half and hour. He'll be tired and miss us less.

Oh, and we get to pick up the new car today! My excitment for this is a bit dull seeing it's been overwhelmed by the arrival of little Hannah, but I'm sure I'll get more excited once I leave the girls and go pick it up. But first, bath time for little Hannah, then off daddy goes to pick up the Hannah-mobile! :)


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