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Sunday, June 19, 2005


The Red Monster!
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Forgot to mention in the previous post that the guy that was interested in my car came by with his wife to see the car again. It all went well and a chapter in my life has ended, as a much more exciting one has started.

Wifey apologised that I had to sell my car because of the baby, but you know what? I was bummed just after we found out we were pregnant, but that was me being selfish, and since the birth of Hannah, I knew that I wanted to sell it cos it was impractical. So I have no regrets, and praise God that things are all falling into place... now I have a free garage to park the new car in! :P

Driving the girls back in our new car made me realise that it was much better for the girls, especially Hannah. I was telling her how it drove like we were riding on a cloud, kinda like the cloud cars that the Care Bears rode around in... :)

Plan for the next week is to settle into home life and enjoy the experience no matter how tiring and trying it will be.


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