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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Advancements in Technology

Baby Monitor/Translator
Originally uploaded by swang.
Didn't get a chance to post yesterday cos I was swamped with other stuff in addition to the usual baby stuff. Car got tinted and it looks gooooooood! Weather has been a bit cruddy so will take pics when sun is up.

The picture is of our baby monitor which is cool, has a temperature gauge on it which even beeps if it's either too hot or cold. Imagine my suprise when I woke up yesterday and it said "Hi" to me... Hmmm... didn't read about the baby translator feature in the manual... must be an undocumented feature... Hannah was trying to say Hi to us... but alas it was only trying to tell me that the temperature in the room is 23 degrees which it reckons is too Hi(gh)... *grumble* need to return this one for one that is a baby interpreter... ;)

Managed to pack up the pram back in its box, and it's a good thing I kept all the packaging still... moved the box into the boot of the new car, and it fits! Only just... pretty heavy too so I might have to choose one that is lighter as well as fitting into the boot.


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