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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Productive Day

It's been quite tiring with feeding and settling Hannah, but still a joy to do so. I fed her at 9 a couple of hours ago, and she was quite awake and alert during the feed which is quite cute cos she just looks around her room. I give her my finger to hold and she has quite a firm grip which means when I move my finger around she tries to resist. Cute... :)

Managed to clear out the garage today, and now the new car fits first go without much to-ing and fro-ing. Now I can concentrate on doing other things around the house as well as help out the wifey with Hannah.

Getting sleepy so going to go chill for a bit and then feed Hannah again soon before turning the shift over to wifey. Early start tomorrow as car is getting tinted! w00t! should look the part once the windows are tinted to match the nice silver exterior. Stay tuned for pics... (like I'm not going to take hundreds of pics of the new tinted car anyways...)


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