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Monday, June 27, 2005

More changes...

Showed up to work today and just stuck in the deep end of things, had to hit the ground running. Good bunch of people at the client site, although I was a bit distracted with my mind on other things. What has been burdening me over the past few weeks even through the joy of the birth of little Hannah was the prospect of a career change. I've been going to a few interviews and the first one I thought was an excellent prospect however I didn't get the job, although was encouraged by the company as they said I interviewed well, and was pipped by someone who was more suited.

Went to another interview on Friday and was a small company similar to the current one, who made bespoke software, which is a fancy way of saying they do custom software development. They mainly concentrate on VB.NET development and coming from a C#.NET background I was confident I would not have too much of a problem, and they gave me a simple test which was an exercise to load data from a spreadsheet into a listview control. I could have done it in 5 minutes if it was in C#, but seeing I was not farmiliar with VB.NET, I struggled a bit at first, but looking up the help files and internet it was pretty straightforward. Anyways to cut a long story short I got an offer today from them and I'm taking it. Praise God! As I mentioned one door closed for me before and another one opened up! Conditions are good as well, forty hour week, four weeks paid holiday per annum, flexi-time, paid overtime, six monthly appraisals, etc. and not to mention more pay, but the work will be challenging and will work well into my new role as a parent.

The only downside is that I didn't have a fun time telling my boss about it this afternoon, as he is struggling from a resourcing point of view already, and this definitely does not help. However the uncertain stream of work and also prospects of work interstate and overseas does not interest me at all with the arrival of Hannah, I think I am at peace with my decision even though right now I feel like I've had my stomach ripped out and run through a strainer. Feel like I'm doing the wrong thing by my boss, but I need to consider the needs of my family ahead of my boss who has been treating me well over the past 3 years.

Now trying to co-ordinate the smooth transition for my boss so that there is some continuity with the person who is going to replace me, and oh I need to get back to the new guys about my start date and to tell them that I want the job! :)

Hope I feel better about it tomorrow... *sigh*


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