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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Tiredness sets in

The Princess and I
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It's been a long weekend, or maybe it's just because it seems longer than usual. I was glad it was the weekend as it means that I can spend more time with the girls, however I've been more tired as I think working this week meant that I had a break from the routine of feeding and settling Hannah.

Both the wifey and I were dead tired yesterday which meant that tensions were a bit high, however we just had to take a bit of time out to realise that we're both not very effective parents when tired so we decided to just chill and let things slide a bit and get more rest.

After a good nights sleep, it was much better today, and we both managed to get some rest, and some self-enforced rest for me as I find it hard to nap during the day, and I would normally find something to do. Just realised that I had to force myself to rest otherwise like all those baby books we've read, I'll get overtired and then things will go pear shaped real quick for me.

So I guess 3 hour feeds and sleep for me will do me wonders as well, such that Sammy will be a happy little bub and not a cranky grumpy old man like he's been recently... :)


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