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Friday, July 08, 2005

Long week

Well, it's true. Can't remember who it was that was telling me when Hannah first came along that I won't be tired initially, but I'll start to hit the wall at about 4 weeks, and this week has definitely been tiring.

Apparantly the first few weeks we were running on adrenaline of excitment, and now we're just tired, or I am at least. Been going too hard trying to make sure I'm a good father, husband, son, brother and employee, and I think I'm doing a decent job of most roles... :) But the jury is still out seeing I'm not coming from an impartial standpoint. :P

Anyways, Nick and Di got home safely on Monday, and they were back at work on Wednesday. Young Nick's company got bought out (yet again) and he got a new job, well same role but new company, and they are now paying him closer to what he's worth... (No, not $2... I meant more than previously... *heh*) So things are looking up for him as well which is great news. Nice to share the joy with what's been happening to me lately.

Hannah's Ferrari Bear!
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Nick and his wifey bought a special gift for Hannah, which I'm really excited about, cos it came from halfway across the globe from Rome, and to top it off it came from the offical Ferrari store!!! It's a cute little teddy bear with a red scarf, leather jacket with a Ferrari branded patch stiched on, and cool leather driving hat and goggles! How cool is that!?!? Thanks guys, I promise to teach her to appreciate and understand the significance of the prancing horse.

P.S. Glad the weekend is here, might head out with the girls for some outside time, and may drop by my sister's new place which is looking swish now that it's painted, had carpets changed, furniture and electrical goods moved in... :) Now all she has to do is finally move in!


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