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Monday, July 11, 2005

Shopping Day!

Well, it wasn't planned, but I was on my lunch break so I decided to head out to the local Big W cos wifey saw a cool book to get to us to read to Hannah, it's the Peter Rabbit collection of stories, 14 in all I think and it was for sale at Big W. Went to the Riverton shops which was closest to work, and spend a great deal of time looking for the above mentioned book.

This led me to look at a whole heap of other kids books and it was really cool. Never really looked at kids books before, I mean like I really had any reason to before, sure the language was probably more at my level of reading than Shakespeare, but even then I didn't have a reason to browse before. Anyways I ended up buying another book similar to the ones Nick's family got Hannah, which was a nice velvety textured red cover, and the one I got today was a purpley one. Thought she might enjoy the texture of the book while we read to her.

Also bought a big thick book of nursery rhymes and other stories which should last us a bit, I mean the reasons are probably such that we don't get bored reading the same stuff over and over again, but I'm sure Hannah doesn't mind repetition at this stage. And I did manage to find the book I was chasing in the first place and got that as well.

Went to Woolies Supermarket and bought a whole heap of Coke which I ran out of ages ago, but never got around to getting more. And Huggies diapers were for sale! w00t! I've been told not to buy anymore newborn sized diapers cos Hannah is now about 4 kgs so she might need the next size up in a few months and we have a stockpile of newborn Huggies already. But alas the Infant sized Huggies do not come in the bulk box pack. They have newborns, crawlers, toddlers, walkers, but no infants... so no diaper purchasing happened today... *sigh* I did manage to get Hannah a pink Bonds wondersuit and she looks absolutely adorable in it!

Funny how my shopping now revolves around Hannah, and not little cool toys for myself... :) And I don't mind one little bit!


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