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Sunday, August 14, 2005

LEGO Show!

Went to the LEGO show today, and it was pretty cool. Learnt a bit about the origins of LEGO and also a bit about the manufacturing process.

Interesting Factoid 1 : LEGO is produced in Denmark. The production of LEGO elements in Denmark takes place in Billund. Approximately 4000 people are employed in Billund. Half of these are working in production.

Interesting LEGO Factoid Display
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Interesting Factoid 2 : Moulding. In the moulding department on "Kornmarken" there are 725 moulding machines. The moulding machines are supplied with plastics granulate via a pipe system above the machines. In the first section of the moulding machine the granulate is heated to 235-250 degrees centigrade. When the granulate has melted, it is pressed into the moulding form and cooled down with water - then the moulding form opens and out come the moulded LEGO elements.

Interesting Factoid 3 : Granulate. Plastics granulate is delivered by suppliers from Germany, The Netherlands and Italy. More than half of the granulate is ABS in the main colours of red, blue, yellow, black and white. Delivery takes place in the tank lorries, and the granulate is filled on big silos at the factory. Plus many other types and colours are used - in total approximately 250 variants. This granulate is delivered in containers with a weight of up to 800kgs.

What the Falck? :) Retro LEGO...
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And I didn't make all that up... I took a picture of the display and it had all this information so I zoomed into the photo and retyped all the interesting facts. I'm bummed cos I realised that I should've taken the other display about the guy that came up with LEGO, and he used to make toys carved out of wood, and then progressed onto making LEGO when plastics became a bit more ubiquitous in the world. Although I did take a cool pic of a box of one of the original LEGO and it was pretty retro looking...

On the home front, Hannah has been put onto a tough love policy at home to try and get her to sleep more. We realised that we've been picking her up early and she hasn't been getting the sleep that she needs so now we're going to let her cry and not pick her up. And gosh it's the most heart-wrenching experience for wifey, and it's beginning to get to me too. I can usually let her cry and not take too much notice, but I think she's beginning to work hard at getting my heart to break hearing her cry for extended periods. I must be strong! I MUST! :) Poor little girl... I hope she forgives me eventually...

I mean once she learns to get herself back to sleep, and get more sleep, and grow physically and mentally, then everyone wins! That and if she sleeps through the night, then we would have crossed another milestone where we may return to semi-normal life. So everyone's support and prayers would be appreciated during this difficult time... well, difficult for wifey and I anyways...

I'm still keeping my chin up and staying positive though! :) And still having the time of my life... oh and did I mention I've been really looking forward to coming home each night and to the weekends to spend quality time with the girls? :)


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