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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Max watching TV
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Well, that kinda describes how we've been living the last few days, Hannah has been unsettled in the evenings up until about the midnight feed so we've been trying to be persistant in trying to settle her and not letting it get to us. I mean we haven't done anything wrong or out of routine, she just has been unsettled around the evenings and awake. Maybe she's a night owl like her dad who just stays up late at night for the sake of it... :P

Went out to my inlaw's place this arvo with the girls which was nice, as it was Hannah's first visit there, and I think my mum-in-law was quite happy that she was visiting... :) She had even more fun trying to feed her this afternoon when Hannah woke up! I was more than happy to go out with the girls as even though it might be difficult getting out and settling Hannah outside the house, our persistence in this matter will only serve to make things easier in the future once Hannah gets used to being out so that we can carry on with our lives and not be confined to the house. Yay!

My family came over for dinner and even brought dinner to have with us which was nice, and Mum managed to feed Hannah again. Great that both mums are enjoying time with Hannah which means that soon we can just show up at either mum's place, drop off Hannah then head out for a movie or something... :) Shhhhh... it's a suprise babysitting, so don't tell them! :P

Max has been quite good lately, even though the poor thing has been ignored at times, but he's been a bit sulky at times, and tonight he was just sulking on the couch and watching TV so I couldn't resist the photo opportunity! :) He's so cute! Think we are so blessed to have two cute little ones in our lives, which tend to make this trying and tiring time more of a joy to experience.


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