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Monday, August 22, 2005

Church, junk food, walks and screaming baby...

Lovely day outside...
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Managed to make it out to church today, and it was great. Hannah slept through most of the worship as usual, and stirred during the message. I took her to the baby room which was packed today, must be baby season... :)

Had KFC for lunch which was a nice change seeing we haven't had it since Hannah came along, and it was the wifey's suggestion too! Yum, I can still feel the oil running through my arteries... Lazy afternoon followed by a nice walk with Hannah and Max. It was the most lovely weather outside today, so we enjoyed the walk, although we paid for it later... :(

Hannah slept in the Baby Bjorn for most of the walk, then refused to sleep when we got home and pretty much cried and screamed until about 8:30pm... so there stress in the household. We even had my family over for dinner as well as the bro-in-law and his girlfriend, and felt a bit bad as wifey was stressed and baby was screaming, and I was feeling a bit stressed from the combo of the two...

But it's all cool now, as it always does end up... Bub is sleeping and so is wifey... it's 1am and all's well... :)