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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Just when we were getting into a routine, things started to change again... Not all bad mind you...

This week marked a few milestones, firstly Hannah turned 12 weeks, secondly, Ming returned to work, thirdly, I became the taxi driver, and last but certainly not least, Hannah is sleeping through the night!

Wifey and furball
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After my exciting weekend, wifey was still down with the flu so she stayed home to rest on Monday, but I still took Hannah to my parents place to give wifey a bit of a break, poor wifey also managed to burn the inside of her mouth so she's feeling very uncomfortable eating and all, so it certainly doesn't help the difficult process of returning to work, but it is getting better, and she made it to the end of the week.

Dropping Hannah off at my parents place before work and picking her up again definitely challenged my time management skills this week, but I'm proud to say that I still managed to keep focused this week at work, and even think that I accomplished much more this week seeing I was so focused at getting my work done so that I can leave earlier to go pick up Hannah.

Max and I pumping iron... Beefcake!
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Big news is that Hannah is sleeping through the night, and she's been sleeping til 6:30am each morning when we wake her up to put her in the car to go to my parent's place. This weekend she slept until 8am!!! She has been an absolute angel this week sleep wise, and feeds well even though she's dropped down to 4 feeds a day which might be premature, but she is gaining weight and happy so we'll just keep an eye on the feeding situation.

This behaviour made us risk venturing out yesterday, and we were probably a bit too ambitious, as we ended up going for a 2 hour long walk to Coode Street in South Perth and back via the foreshore. Hannah slept for most of the way there and grumbled a bit, however it was such a beautiful day, and wifey and I both enjoyed the much needed time together as a family (and dog...)

We even managed to have ice cream from the takeaway place at the Boat Shed Cafe/Restaurant, and thought on our return home that Hannah is going to have one of her difficult days, but she managed to get back to sleep with a little bit of crying beforehand.

Our friends Dave and Julia managed to finally drop by to see Hannah (in person, cos as Dave says "The blog is a bit one dimensional" heheh). The little angel woke when they came which gave them a bit of time with her, and she managed to feed well, have lots of cuddles with Dave and Julia, and even managed to drool on our guests!

It's been an amazing week, with loads of changes, and I even came close to losing it on Friday night, but thankfully a couple of good friends who gave their ears to my whinging, a good night's sleep and a lovely weekend has made me feel a lot more refreshed ready for the week ahead. Although something makes me certain that the little prayer that Hannah and I prayed on Friday night had something to do with it... Praise God for listening to and answering our heartfelt prayers!


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