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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Awesome Day!

My 1st birthday! with Hannah...
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It's been an absolutely awesome day today, and I feel truly blessed after being spoilt today for my birthday!

Wifey wasn't feeling well yesterday with the flu, but soldiered on this morning and woke for Hannah's 5am feed, then brought her in to the room to wake me up early to wish me a happy birthday and give me my pressie! Yay! Finally! And it's an awesome gift! It was the cool Luke Skywalker Lightsaber that I was coveting and blogged about ages ago!

I played with it for half an hour before going back to sleep and sleeping in until 9ish. Woke up the little one and spent some quality time with her as she woke up, then fed, bathed and put her back to sleep. My darling wife went out to pick up the cakes and some supplies for the arvo even though she was feeling unwell with the flu.

My mum-in-law (bless her!) came round to help out with Hannah so that wifey can get some rest, and I managed to take Max out for a nice run. The weather was so great, and I had a good time running around the park with Max!

Hannah and my new toy!
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Then people starting arriving and it was great catching up with everyone over cakes and coffee, and people even brought gifts! And awesome gifts at too! Thanks everyone for coming around and making my day so special and for the awesome gifts! I'm not usually one to want to make a fuss about my birthday, but my dearest wifey, even though she wasn't feeling too well went the extra mile to make sure everything was ready for people, what a trooper! :) Love you babe, and thanks for making it such an awesome day for me! It was really special and words cannot express how touched I am by your efforts and also by everyone else that showed up to help celebrate me surviving another year! And it was extra special as it was my first as a dad.

Incidentally, it was Katrina's birthday as well, and she came along too! Happy Birthday Kat! It was great to be able to celebrate our birthday's together this year, as I've always been taking Nick(she's Nick's sis btw) away from her birthday parties to come to mine! :)

Our friends Zan and Aik got married today, and even though we couldn't make it to their special day, our thoughts and prayers are with them today on their special day, and hope that God will continue to bless them now in their new lives together. Apparently it was an awesome wedding and the weather was great for it too!

It's hard to top our anniversary a few days back and my birthday today, but with my first Father's Day just a couple of hours away, I'm sure it'll be another wonderful day spent with the girls! Woo Hoo!


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