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Friday, September 02, 2005

Night out

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Left Hannah with my folks for the day, which is the usual Thursday routine for the past month or so, and wifey went out shopping and to do other stuff.

We headed out for a nice dinner, just the two of us as Hannah was still at my parents place, and we headed to the C Restaurant in the city which was great! It's a revolving restaurant on the 33rd floor of St Martin's Tower and you get a great panaramic view of Perth at night which was great! Decent sized portions and the novelty of rotating around the kitchen, lifts and bathrooms was amusing. We definitely have to go back during the day as I think the view would be nicer during the day.

I had the quail for entree, which I thought tasted like chicken but heaps smaller and thus more difficult to eat with a knife and fork, and a nice beef fillet for mains, and a yummo Baked Alaska dessert. It's an italian meringue, filled with Cointeau ice-cream, and some citrusy syrup. It came with some liquor, but the darn waiter tipped it all over the baked alaska and lit it up! Burning off all that sweet alcohol... *mutter*

Wifey had the gnocchi for entree, duck for mains and sorbet for dessert. She originally wanted fresh fruit for dessert, to which I hassled her about how fresh fruit is what you get free at chinese restaurants and suggested the sorbet instead. Needless to say I ate most of her dessert as well... heheheh... yum!

We ordered cocktails, well wifey had a mocktail, and I had a yummy chocolatey creamy cocktail called a Tolberone. Had Baileys, Cream de Cacao, Kaulua and other yummy stuff and it was great.

It was a great night, and we took a leisurely drive back to my folks place after to pick up the precious little girl who apparantly was an angel today. She must be turning on the charm to suck up to the grandparents eh? ;).

P.S. Wifey got me a little gift for today as I've been bugging her about my pressie, so I'm still getting it on my birthday and not a minute sooner. Oh and today's gift is the Gold Edition of SpaceBalls! WooHoo!


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