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Sunday, September 04, 2005

1st Father's Day...

Happy Father...
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Well, it is my first Father's Day, and even though Hannah's still too young to run into my room, jump up on the bed and make a racket to wake me up on Father's Day, she still woke me up this morning... :)

In fact she must have somehow known it was Father's Day, and was very kind to me as wifey is still down with the flu and I took over all duties today, and she was an absolute angel... well mostly anyways... :) I woke up at 6am to her grizzling, but she didn't actually wake until about 7am which is probably a record for her. She was so happy to see me when I went in the room to get her, and she drank the whole 160ml's I gave her and went back to sleep until 11am. Which gave me an opportunity to catchup on sleep the little darling! :)

Fed and bathed her and back to bed, but no sleep for her, however she just lay in bed talking to herself for about an hour, with short yells just to let us know that she's not happy... which rather than being annoying, was quite cute and girly shrieks! She slept til about 4, drank all her milk again and was so well rested that I braved a walk with her and Max, then back to bed and managed to sleep until we got back from dinner.

Incidentally we went for dinner with my folks and sis, and wifey didn't make it cos she was not well still, but since it was only round the corner from our place we rushed home to see Hannah before she slept. She was so excited to see my family, especially my mum who was talking to her, to which she tried to respond in the cutest little noises and gorgeous little facial expressions! I videotaped the entire scene and it just made wifey and I gush watching her trying to communicate with my mum, dad and sis.

She's soooooo cute! :) and my first Father's Day was an absolute joy, and can't wait to experience the next 365 days before my second!


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