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Monday, September 12, 2005

Day off!

Had my first day off since I started my new job, and since I get time off in lieu, I've clocked up enough hours to take a whole day off... Yay!

This was a planned day off as Hannah has her 3 month checkup at the child health clinic and also her second lot from her first set of shots. She's grown heaps and is nearly 6 kilos already and almost 60 cm long. Then off for a short joyride as we were early for the GP appointment then she got her shots... and boy did she wail!! And this was before she had the shots... :) Little girl cried her eyes out, but I held her tight until she calmed down and then she fell asleep the little trooper...

So she doesn't seem to have much ill effects from the shots and it was nice being home with her on my own for a change... Good times... oh, and I managed to watch Oprah as well which is a bonus... :)!

Incidentally my folks left for their trip on a Holy Land tour to Israel and Egypt which is great as they haven't been on a trip on their own other than to Singapore and Malaysia to visit family for like decades! Hope they have a great time on the trip, and pray that God will keep them safe and grant them journey's mercy on their holiday. I called up my folks before they left and Hannah was speaking when I was talking to Mum, and almost brought Mum to tears as she was missing Hannah already, and even suggested that she cancel her trip. :) Brillant thing is that my folks will return with lots of stories and experiences to share with Hannah, and great when telling her bible stories cos they would have visited those places! How cool is that? :)


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