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Sunday, October 02, 2005


A walk in the park
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I know I'm tired and should be sleeping, but had to post this pic of Hannah and me today at the park. It has been dreadful weather over the past week, and this afternoon it was sunny so we decided to take a walk.

Hannah is 16 weeks old tomorrow and she is old enough to face forwards on the Baby Bjorn so she had fun looking around today during our walk. She has the sun in her eyes so she kept squinting, but when she was in the shade at the park, she was quite happy. She met quite a few of Max's friend's owners and was quite chatty to a number of them.

She's so cute, and even though I was tired the last two morning,s I'd always rush to get up to go greet her in the mornings as she's always so happy to see us first thing in the morning... and squeals with delight!

She is such a cute little darling that even if I was dead to the world, I would drag my tired sorry bum out of bed in a zombie-like state and go and see her first thing in the morning... :) Heheh... I'm sure that is why I'm feeling so tired lately... ;)


At 11:25 PM, Blogger ntt said...

Ah, so _that's_ a baby bjorn. :)
I just nodded and smiled when you typed 'baby bjorn' earlier. :)


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