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Sunday, October 02, 2005


Been a while since my last post... and I suppose it's because I've been tired from the last weekend which was a long weekend, and the week just seemed to drag on even though it was only a 4 day work week...

Managed to rest most of this weekend, and it's Sunday night, and I still seem to be tired... hopefully I'll snap out of this tiredness phase soon, cos it's beginning to wear me down... Gosh I hate feeling this unenergetic!

The weekend was great despite the tiredness, and got to spend time with the girls, and managed to get some sleep in between spending time with Hannah. I suppose I'm letting myself get some rest and have a bit of down time, as it's been a while since I let myself get some rest, cos it's been go! go! go! since Hannah arrived and with starting the new job, that I think it's beginning to catchup with me.

Anyways, best be off to bed for an early-ish night so that I don't start the new week being tired due to my own undisciplined lack of sleep... :) Will post some catchup posts to fill in on the last couple of weeks when I'm less tired this week... hopefully... :)


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