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Friday, November 11, 2005

Time out...

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Just when I thought I had my grumpy pants off well and truly... they were firmly back on tonight... :(

Wifey suprised me with the Star Wars Mr. Potato Head 'Spudtrooper' to cheer me up, which was a nice suprise, and I managed to get the Peanuts Box Set 1 from JB's during lunchtime so we were planning to watch it tonight... however, my grumpy pants decided otherwise so... long story short, I blew a fuse, made things worse, then decided to go for a nice long drive to clear my head.

Went driving aimlessly then ended up in Cottesloe Beach to chill and regain peace... something about listening to the crashing waves always helps when I'm feeling down, and needing to reconnect to this world...

Good to get some time out when I blow a fuse...

Now I just have to make things better after the mess I made... *sigh*


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