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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Good Weekend...

Kiddy Rides and Bouncey Castle!
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It's Sunday afternoon, and the weekend is not quite over yet, but it's been a good weekend so far. Managed to spend time with the girls and managed to go out to church this morning too! Incidentally Church Together is on tonight, but since Hannah is still a wee bit too young to be staying up for extended periods of time at night, we'll be listening to it on the radio instead.

Went out around noon round the corner from our place for the Vic Park Spring Fair. Lots of kiddy rides, bouncey castle and animals great and small... meaning camels and a petting stall for kids to pet ducks, goats and other cute little animals. Max was more interesting in trying to torment them so I stayed well clear whilst wifey took Hannah to have a peek.

Gyrocopter parked in the street
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There was also some cars there on display, and it was the Ford RS Cosworth club. Nice cars dating from the old skool looking ones to the mordern day ones which are quite rare around Perth. There was even a gyrocopter parked outside our local cafe Farrells, and I hope it doesn't get a parking ticket! :)

Max came along and becos he is very furry at the moment he just flaked out when we got home trying to keep cool. He just lay in the coolest part of the house which is on the tiles downstairs, but since we were upstairs he decided to come upstairs and lie on the carpet and lean next to the cold wall to keep cool. It's rather amusing and cute... silly dog... :)

Oh, and I managed to get the taxes done yesterday which is a great big load of my mind! Every year come October time is my grumpy, also PMS-like state where I also dread doing the taxes cos it usually means I have to rumage through heaps of documents trying to finish off the taxes for another year. I was amused when one of the deductions that you can claim is the cost of managing tax affairs... Does this include the treatment for mental anguish? :P Hmmm... I know I always say it every year, but I need to start it earlier or pay someone to do it for me next year... We shall see...

It's now done and submitted electronically, yay! I can get on with my life now for another year! Phew...


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