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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dinner out with good friends

Baby Carrier
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Went out to dinner with some good friends of ours tonight to the local thai place, and everyone enjoyed the meal and had a good time. Our little munchkin Hannah came along as well and proved to be a bit of entertainment as she always seems to be happy no matter what she is doing.

Two of our friends present are pregnant and both due with a few days of each other in early/mid May, which is exciting for us as well! This might be the last time we catchup for a meal before their lives are changed forever when their bundle of joy arrives.

No comment required... :)
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After we put Hannah to bed, we all sat around catching up, and even Max got in on the action and got attention, cuddles and even massages from people which he really enjoyed! Poor thing has been attention-starved with the busyness of our lives lately so I'm sure the attention was welcomed.


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