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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Cool Crane at the E Shed Markets
Originally uploaded by swang.
This is what I see walking from my car towards work every morning...

I've been meaning to take pics cos I thought that crane was pretty cool looking next to the E Shed markets. Finally remembered today and the sky was perfect, not a cloud in sight, except for that darned seagull in the middle of the pic... *grin*

Another reason for bringing the camera is to take all the interesting ships that come into port, as the QEII cruise ship was in a few weeks back and it was spectacular! But alas I did not have my camera with me... so I think I'll either have to check the schedule of ships that come into port, or just bring my camera everyday... :)

Hopefully this will be a start to me actually taking more pictures to learn how to take proper photos rather than just pointing-and-shooting in a lame-ass shotgun fashion... :P


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