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Friday, December 16, 2005

English is a funny language...

Isn't it weird that a word that stems from another word can have such different meanings?

Grievances - An actual or supposed circumstance regarded as just cause for complaint. A complaint or protestation based on such a circumstance. Indignation or resentment stemming from a feeling of having been wronged.

Grieve - To cause to be sorrowful; distress; To mourn or sorrow for.

Tis a funny language eh?

Ever lost something close to your heart and it was a cause for both grief and grievance?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Break from the norm...

Busselton Jetty
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We went on a trip down south to Busselton with Hannah and both wifey's and my families on the weekend, and it was definitely an experience!

It was good to get away from the daily grind of life to a holiday, although it was definitely a learning experience.

Lesson Learnt 1: Do not assume that when bub sleeps through the night at home that she will do the same on holidays.

Lesson Learnt 2: When bub cries at night, do not assume that people living under the same roof will sleep through it. Sorry guys!

Lesson Learnt 3: When staying alone with bub, lights out for sleep literally means just that. Forget about doing much when bub is asleep, no tv, no talking... not much really. Bonus thing is that you can catchup on much needed sleep after previous night's sleeplessness! :)

Lesson Learnt 4: Holidays with kids are tiring! Period. I remember holidays as a kid and tiring myself out, but didn't realise that my parents were probably twice as tired trying to keep us entertained. Thanks Mum and Dad!

Lesson Learnt 5: Um, I can't quite remember what else I learnt, but when I catch up on sleep and can think clearly I'll post up some more lessons... but I guess you get the idea... :)

Highlights: Lunch at the Goose with everyone was great, and was good to catchup with everyone for a very nice meal prior to people leaving to head back to Perth cos they had to work Monday. Food was great and the rib-eye steak that I had was Deeee-licious! Also another highlight was heading out alone with wifey that afternoon to visit the Happs Winery and Pottery place which we visited on our honeymoon to check out some pottery, and also to the Goanna Gallery afterwards on recommendation from the lady at Happs.

Had the most awesome Mudcake, it was a Bourbon Mudcake with Poached Pears and Cream, and the poached pears definitely complimented the utterly evil chocolate creation that was the Mudcake! Wifey got herself a nice bag, which I got credit for apparently cos I 'approved' the purchase.

It was definitely nice to get out by ourselves on holidays, but we were brutally reminded of Hannah's absence when we saw this 6 month old baby girl with her mum there.

Hannah was delightful to be around throughout the holiday, even though she had a tough time sleeping through the night, and woke up several times, but when our parents left and we moved to a smaller room, she slept through the night the little angel... Typical isn't it? :)

We headed out to lunch that day when our parents left and had a nice lunch in Busselton town, and headed back for a rest, put the little one to bed and watched Mr and Mrs Smith on my laptop whilst she slept. I had to pause the movie halfway through cos I heard weird noises and it turned out to be Hannah snoring away in dreamland! :)

We then went out for a nice swim in the heated pool to Hannah's delight, and then put her back to bed whilst I headed out to grab some pizza and pasta to have in bed. Luxury! I was so stuffed I pretty much fell asleep soon after until Hannah woke for a quick feed, where I got properly ready for bed and was out like a log and didn't remember anything until I awoke the next morning.

My first question was... "Did Hannah wake up last night?" :D "Nope... she was an angel last night..."

We decided to leave one day early from Busselton to return home for some much needed rest.

Wifey, Hannah and I
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Oh, and I didn't mention the lowlights... well, not much to mention seeing that the highlights pales the lowlights to insignificance, and seeing Hannah enjoying herself, and making the cutest girlie noises in the car while driving around makes them all a distant memory...

But not distant enough for me to consider doing this anytime soon though... *grin*

Thank you God for this time together with family, and for this time of rest and reflection. Even though I'm physically and somewhat emotionally exhausted prior, I praise you for giving me this time to sort myself out. I've lost sight of the important things, and now I can get focused back on my purpose in this life you have blessed me with. Amen.