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Monday, September 26, 2005

What Video Game Character Are You?

I am Mario.
I like to jump around, and would lead a fairly serene and aimless existence if it weren't for my friends always getting into trouble. I love to help out, even when it puts me at risk. I seem to make friends with people who just can't stay out of trouble.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Max is a CAT!

Watching the world go by
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Yeah, well we've been commenting how cat-like Max is, cos he tend to use his paws to grab things and swipe things like a cat, and yesterday he proved to be more cat like than ever before by using up about 5 of his 9 cat lives...

I went out to the local Gloria Jeans coffee place to get more coffee beans as I was out, so I decided to take Max out for a walk there to get my beans. When I got there I was in the process of tying his leash to a pole when I accidentally released the catch to his collar and he sprinted off! I panicked and tried to call him and he just darted to and fro between car on the busy street and I was sooo stressed and thank God that most cars were travelling slowly and stopped for him. The worst thing is that everytime I took a shot at grabbing him that caused him to run back across the street!

I finally got him when he spotted a little girl and went up to her for a pat and sat down in front of her when I grabbed him and hugged him tight making sure he couldn't get away... I was so traumatised that I just put his collar back on and walked him and didn't get my coffee... I kept replaying the incident back in my head on the way him and realised when I got home that I was quite stressed still and had a big frown on my face and took be a further hour before I calmed down a bit...

It made me realise how much the little brown mutt meant to me and I was so annoyed with myself for being so careless, and no doubt I would not let that happen again... EVER! I fact I felt so happy that he was unhurt that he got to sleep upstairs in our bedroom last night, but in his bed on the floor, and he was so good that he stayed in his bed all night and didn't try and come up to our bed to sleep...

Bless the little mutt... :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Day off!

Had my first day off since I started my new job, and since I get time off in lieu, I've clocked up enough hours to take a whole day off... Yay!

This was a planned day off as Hannah has her 3 month checkup at the child health clinic and also her second lot from her first set of shots. She's grown heaps and is nearly 6 kilos already and almost 60 cm long. Then off for a short joyride as we were early for the GP appointment then she got her shots... and boy did she wail!! And this was before she had the shots... :) Little girl cried her eyes out, but I held her tight until she calmed down and then she fell asleep the little trooper...

So she doesn't seem to have much ill effects from the shots and it was nice being home with her on my own for a change... Good times... oh, and I managed to watch Oprah as well which is a bonus... :)!

Incidentally my folks left for their trip on a Holy Land tour to Israel and Egypt which is great as they haven't been on a trip on their own other than to Singapore and Malaysia to visit family for like decades! Hope they have a great time on the trip, and pray that God will keep them safe and grant them journey's mercy on their holiday. I called up my folks before they left and Hannah was speaking when I was talking to Mum, and almost brought Mum to tears as she was missing Hannah already, and even suggested that she cancel her trip. :) Brillant thing is that my folks will return with lots of stories and experiences to share with Hannah, and great when telling her bible stories cos they would have visited those places! How cool is that? :)

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Just when we were getting into a routine, things started to change again... Not all bad mind you...

This week marked a few milestones, firstly Hannah turned 12 weeks, secondly, Ming returned to work, thirdly, I became the taxi driver, and last but certainly not least, Hannah is sleeping through the night!

Wifey and furball
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After my exciting weekend, wifey was still down with the flu so she stayed home to rest on Monday, but I still took Hannah to my parents place to give wifey a bit of a break, poor wifey also managed to burn the inside of her mouth so she's feeling very uncomfortable eating and all, so it certainly doesn't help the difficult process of returning to work, but it is getting better, and she made it to the end of the week.

Dropping Hannah off at my parents place before work and picking her up again definitely challenged my time management skills this week, but I'm proud to say that I still managed to keep focused this week at work, and even think that I accomplished much more this week seeing I was so focused at getting my work done so that I can leave earlier to go pick up Hannah.

Max and I pumping iron... Beefcake!
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Big news is that Hannah is sleeping through the night, and she's been sleeping til 6:30am each morning when we wake her up to put her in the car to go to my parent's place. This weekend she slept until 8am!!! She has been an absolute angel this week sleep wise, and feeds well even though she's dropped down to 4 feeds a day which might be premature, but she is gaining weight and happy so we'll just keep an eye on the feeding situation.

This behaviour made us risk venturing out yesterday, and we were probably a bit too ambitious, as we ended up going for a 2 hour long walk to Coode Street in South Perth and back via the foreshore. Hannah slept for most of the way there and grumbled a bit, however it was such a beautiful day, and wifey and I both enjoyed the much needed time together as a family (and dog...)

We even managed to have ice cream from the takeaway place at the Boat Shed Cafe/Restaurant, and thought on our return home that Hannah is going to have one of her difficult days, but she managed to get back to sleep with a little bit of crying beforehand.

Our friends Dave and Julia managed to finally drop by to see Hannah (in person, cos as Dave says "The blog is a bit one dimensional" heheh). The little angel woke when they came which gave them a bit of time with her, and she managed to feed well, have lots of cuddles with Dave and Julia, and even managed to drool on our guests!

It's been an amazing week, with loads of changes, and I even came close to losing it on Friday night, but thankfully a couple of good friends who gave their ears to my whinging, a good night's sleep and a lovely weekend has made me feel a lot more refreshed ready for the week ahead. Although something makes me certain that the little prayer that Hannah and I prayed on Friday night had something to do with it... Praise God for listening to and answering our heartfelt prayers!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

1st Father's Day...

Happy Father...
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Well, it is my first Father's Day, and even though Hannah's still too young to run into my room, jump up on the bed and make a racket to wake me up on Father's Day, she still woke me up this morning... :)

In fact she must have somehow known it was Father's Day, and was very kind to me as wifey is still down with the flu and I took over all duties today, and she was an absolute angel... well mostly anyways... :) I woke up at 6am to her grizzling, but she didn't actually wake until about 7am which is probably a record for her. She was so happy to see me when I went in the room to get her, and she drank the whole 160ml's I gave her and went back to sleep until 11am. Which gave me an opportunity to catchup on sleep the little darling! :)

Fed and bathed her and back to bed, but no sleep for her, however she just lay in bed talking to herself for about an hour, with short yells just to let us know that she's not happy... which rather than being annoying, was quite cute and girly shrieks! She slept til about 4, drank all her milk again and was so well rested that I braved a walk with her and Max, then back to bed and managed to sleep until we got back from dinner.

Incidentally we went for dinner with my folks and sis, and wifey didn't make it cos she was not well still, but since it was only round the corner from our place we rushed home to see Hannah before she slept. She was so excited to see my family, especially my mum who was talking to her, to which she tried to respond in the cutest little noises and gorgeous little facial expressions! I videotaped the entire scene and it just made wifey and I gush watching her trying to communicate with my mum, dad and sis.

She's soooooo cute! :) and my first Father's Day was an absolute joy, and can't wait to experience the next 365 days before my second!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Awesome Day!

My 1st birthday! with Hannah...
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It's been an absolutely awesome day today, and I feel truly blessed after being spoilt today for my birthday!

Wifey wasn't feeling well yesterday with the flu, but soldiered on this morning and woke for Hannah's 5am feed, then brought her in to the room to wake me up early to wish me a happy birthday and give me my pressie! Yay! Finally! And it's an awesome gift! It was the cool Luke Skywalker Lightsaber that I was coveting and blogged about ages ago!

I played with it for half an hour before going back to sleep and sleeping in until 9ish. Woke up the little one and spent some quality time with her as she woke up, then fed, bathed and put her back to sleep. My darling wife went out to pick up the cakes and some supplies for the arvo even though she was feeling unwell with the flu.

My mum-in-law (bless her!) came round to help out with Hannah so that wifey can get some rest, and I managed to take Max out for a nice run. The weather was so great, and I had a good time running around the park with Max!

Hannah and my new toy!
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Then people starting arriving and it was great catching up with everyone over cakes and coffee, and people even brought gifts! And awesome gifts at too! Thanks everyone for coming around and making my day so special and for the awesome gifts! I'm not usually one to want to make a fuss about my birthday, but my dearest wifey, even though she wasn't feeling too well went the extra mile to make sure everything was ready for people, what a trooper! :) Love you babe, and thanks for making it such an awesome day for me! It was really special and words cannot express how touched I am by your efforts and also by everyone else that showed up to help celebrate me surviving another year! And it was extra special as it was my first as a dad.

Incidentally, it was Katrina's birthday as well, and she came along too! Happy Birthday Kat! It was great to be able to celebrate our birthday's together this year, as I've always been taking Nick(she's Nick's sis btw) away from her birthday parties to come to mine! :)

Our friends Zan and Aik got married today, and even though we couldn't make it to their special day, our thoughts and prayers are with them today on their special day, and hope that God will continue to bless them now in their new lives together. Apparently it was an awesome wedding and the weather was great for it too!

It's hard to top our anniversary a few days back and my birthday today, but with my first Father's Day just a couple of hours away, I'm sure it'll be another wonderful day spent with the girls! Woo Hoo!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Night out

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Left Hannah with my folks for the day, which is the usual Thursday routine for the past month or so, and wifey went out shopping and to do other stuff.

We headed out for a nice dinner, just the two of us as Hannah was still at my parents place, and we headed to the C Restaurant in the city which was great! It's a revolving restaurant on the 33rd floor of St Martin's Tower and you get a great panaramic view of Perth at night which was great! Decent sized portions and the novelty of rotating around the kitchen, lifts and bathrooms was amusing. We definitely have to go back during the day as I think the view would be nicer during the day.

I had the quail for entree, which I thought tasted like chicken but heaps smaller and thus more difficult to eat with a knife and fork, and a nice beef fillet for mains, and a yummo Baked Alaska dessert. It's an italian meringue, filled with Cointeau ice-cream, and some citrusy syrup. It came with some liquor, but the darn waiter tipped it all over the baked alaska and lit it up! Burning off all that sweet alcohol... *mutter*

Wifey had the gnocchi for entree, duck for mains and sorbet for dessert. She originally wanted fresh fruit for dessert, to which I hassled her about how fresh fruit is what you get free at chinese restaurants and suggested the sorbet instead. Needless to say I ate most of her dessert as well... heheheh... yum!

We ordered cocktails, well wifey had a mocktail, and I had a yummy chocolatey creamy cocktail called a Tolberone. Had Baileys, Cream de Cacao, Kaulua and other yummy stuff and it was great.

It was a great night, and we took a leisurely drive back to my folks place after to pick up the precious little girl who apparantly was an angel today. She must be turning on the charm to suck up to the grandparents eh? ;).

P.S. Wifey got me a little gift for today as I've been bugging her about my pressie, so I'm still getting it on my birthday and not a minute sooner. Oh and today's gift is the Gold Edition of SpaceBalls! WooHoo!

Thursday, September 01, 2005


It's our 4th wedding anniversary today, *YAY!* and gosh it flew by quick! We must be having fun! :)

It's been 4 great years, and now we have a little munchkin as part of our family which makes us more of a family than just a couple... (correction... sorry Max! We were a family when you came into our lives so don't sulk okay, you cute litte brown furball!)

Love you babe! and can't believe it's only another year before we can celebrate the first of the multiple of 5 anniversaries! *yay*

Incidentally, wifey retracted the offer of giving me my all-in-one (anniversary/birthday/father's day) pressie today, so it'll have to wait til Saturday...